Recycling Collection

Recycling Bins & Bags

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You may purchase bins for a price of $15 (tax included) at City Hall. The City of Cameron provides clear blue recycling bags, free of charge, every week for customers who use bags. The same number of bags as were used will be replaced under your bin when the crews collect your recyclables. Bag your recyclables as before, and place the bags in or around the bin curbside on the usual recycling pick-up days. You only need one bin. If you have more recyclables than will fit, simply use the blue recycling bags and place them near the bin at the edge of the street. Make sure they are clearly separated from your household trash.

*NEW* The City now offers recycle bin accessories. Wheel kits are available for $10 and are easy to mount on your bin using existing holes. Lids for the bins help keep materials dry and critters out and are available for $5.50. Included with the wheel kit is a pull rope which makes it easier to transport full bins to the curb for pickup. All prices listed include sales tax.

Tips for Recycling Day

In Cameron, recycling is now picked up on the same day as household trash. That means the trash-haulers may mistakenly pick up recyclables mixing them with the regular trash. In order to ensure that recyclables are collected separately, we continue to use a program that involves the use of recycling bins in which recyclables are placed and set by the edge of the street. The use of a recycling bin is required in order to participate in the weekly pick-up program.

Strong winds and neighborhood pets will scatter trash if it is not rinsed or prepared properly. It is not the collector’s responsibility to clean up messes. Prepared glass, plastic, and metal cans should be placed in secured see-through bags or bundled for curbside pick-up. Please place newspaper and magazines in brown paper bags and flatten cardboard. When citizens deliver recyclables to the collection bins, please separate items into the appropriate container. Remember: People, not machines collect and sort your recyclables. Please treat them with respect by following these easy guidelines. View more recycling guidelines.

Recycling Drop-off Center

Clinco Industries

The drop-off center has been moved to Clinco Industries located at 1205 W Grand.

Cameron also delivers all collected material to Clinco Industries. Clinco Industries is a sheltered workshop that provides over 50 job positions to handicapped employees. Clinco has become the area’s leading recycling processor collecting and sorting recyclables for sale to companies which use recycled products in manufacturing.