Hall of Fame

Beginning in 2007 at the annual 'Thank-You Banquet', which recognizes local citizens and organizations for community projects and volunteerism, the Cameron Historical Society selects citizens from the far and recent past to be inducted into the Cameron Hall of Fame. Below is a listing (by year) of our famous Cameronites. Click on the link to the annual selections to see the background information on the Hall of Fame inductees.

2007 Inductees
Charles Ira (C.I.) Ford
Major Albert T. Baubie
Samuel McCorkle
William Gordon McDaniel

2008 Inductees
Col. F. Michael Tiernan
Silas Hunter Corn
George W Stoner
W. G. Sloan
Nathan Goodrich

2009 Inductees
Charles A. Leibrandt
James Burr Russell
Sara Bell Tiernan
Solomon Musser
James A. Carothers

2010 Inductees
E. T. Atkinson
J. W Poland
Bert Bernard Witt

2011 Inductees
Owen E Connell
Charles N Stucker
George Chapman