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Posted on: June 6, 2018

Water Conservation tips

Water conservation tips and tricks:

  1. Keep a large pail for storing water you would otherwise drain away and a watering can to use for applying the water to your plants. It is amazing how much water you can save with just the two examples below.
    • When cooking vegetables like potatoes, corn on the cob or any that are cooked in water normally drained down the sink, drain this water instead into a storage pail.  The water soluble vitamins may also be good for the plants.
    • After the final rinse cycle of the washing machine when the machine begins to drain, stop the machine, place the drain hose into your water storage pail, then restart the machine and let an appropriate amount of water drain into your storage container instead of going down the sewer.
  2. A good water conservation practice that everyone can follow is to put 2-4 bricks into the water tank of any older toilet.  In some older models with tanks that hold 3 gallons of water or more, just 2 bricks can save perhaps 1/2 gallon of water with each flush.
  3. Another conservation practice is to not let water run while you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes by hand.  Instead, turn the water off, brush your teeth then turn the water back on to be able to rinse your mouth.  The same is true for dishwashing.  Scrub the item, turn the water on only to rinse and then back off instead of leaving it running during the entire process.
  4. Don't throw out those half empty water bottles without using the water on your plants or vegetables.  The same is true for the water left in your coolers after a hot day at the ball park, pour that on your rose garden.
  5. Repair those drippy faucets and running toilets.
                              *tips and tricks submitted by concerned citizens and staff
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